Tuesday, August 13, 2013


There's this tree.

There's this tree and it stands so tall and immense and it doesn't complain.

Never complains.

Most people don't even know it exists. Most folks just walk right past it. Never give it any mind.

It'll out-live all those people. Every last one of them.

Sometimes children will play on and around it. They'll climb the enormous, stooping branches. They'll run around the massive trunk. Sleep in its shade. Dream on its base. Then leave. Don't say bye or thank you.

The tree will out-live them too.

Sometimes, though, the tree just stands there. Alone. Jutting up into the sky - a backdrop of clouds and blue. Reaching and stretching outward. Roots sprawling underground. Digging. Growing. Being.

There's this tree.

And it's so tall.

Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm on a mountain. I'm on a mountain and other mountains stand before me. They roll over each other in waves of green. Shadows from the clouds passing above creep atop the trees. Flowing onward and onward.

There's a woman sitting on a rock below me. She places a hand on the back of my calf and exhales slowly. Contentedly. Peacefully. She exhales.

And I look down at her for a moment, before a breeze brings me back to the view. To the wilderness sprawled out before me. I must take it in. I must remember this.

This seems like something to remember. Something worth looking back on later. Something.

So I open my nostrils and suck in the cool mountain air. Let the sun heat my skin. Feel the rocks under my boots.

Yes, this is definitely worth something.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Daily, it seems to me now, I see glimpses of lives I could be leading. These doors open. Curtains pulled. Veils lifted. And just for a moment, I see something magnificent. I see possibilities.

And, yes, maybe it is a fantasy or an enabling of some childlike dream. Maybe I'm giving way to grandiose temptations. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

But how attractive that other life! How pleasant and debonair my other self. How exciting and thrilling my other daily activities. How tantalizing and energizing the food. How suave my clothes. How accommodating and caring my lover. How composed my stature and secure my finances, but free my will and peaceful my spirit. How -

Oh, yes.


Not giving in to such things.