Tuesday, August 13, 2013


There's this tree.

There's this tree and it stands so tall and immense and it doesn't complain.

Never complains.

Most people don't even know it exists. Most folks just walk right past it. Never give it any mind.

It'll out-live all those people. Every last one of them.

Sometimes children will play on and around it. They'll climb the enormous, stooping branches. They'll run around the massive trunk. Sleep in its shade. Dream on its base. Then leave. Don't say bye or thank you.

The tree will out-live them too.

Sometimes, though, the tree just stands there. Alone. Jutting up into the sky - a backdrop of clouds and blue. Reaching and stretching outward. Roots sprawling underground. Digging. Growing. Being.

There's this tree.

And it's so tall.

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