Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day comes and goes and I'm relieved I think nothing of it. I'm relieved the entire occasion slips my mind completely. That no one asks the question, what did you get your Father?

Yes, that's pleasant.

I still have dreams of him though. He still penetrates my thoughts. Conscious or unconscious. He's still there. Will always be there.

I tell Her of a dream I had the other night. How he wasn't trying to kill me, but another common scenario was played out.

In this one, he simply returns from being absent for an extended period of time. He simply left for some reason and is back for another. Simple as that.

And it always feels so real. All of them always feel so real.

I tell Her these things and ask how one can truly get over something like that. How anyone can truly get over anything that scars them. Anyone that scars them.

She says She doesn't want to talk about it. That it'll make Her uncomfortable. But it rustles about in my mind. It still uneases me.

No, I will never get over these things.

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