Monday, June 11, 2012

What to write of these mornings?

I take steps. I progress as a person. As a human being. As a growing consciousness. As someone who cares to go beyond the point at which he finds himself.

Beyond where I find myself.

Yesterday I find myself sprawled on the carpet of my bedroom. Toying with my iPhone. Browsing websites that hold little interest. Debating whether to watch movies I've seen too many times. Pondering whether to spend the entire day like this.

On my belly on the carpet.

It doesn't sound so bad. I'm exhausted. Fatigued. Beat, as they say.

But instead I get a text from Her. And it beckons me to DC. To the national mall.

So I rise from the floor. Hop in the shower. I drive us down to our nation's capitol. And we spend the day amongst the museums.

Bettering ourselves. Enhancing our lives so we can enhance others. Pass it along. Continue the flow of knowledge and personal wealth.


It's too bad the night ends with Her sobbing in the passenger seat of my car after She's received an overly aggressive incongruous message from Her former best friend demanding that interactions between the two cease.

So I wind up stopping at a gas station where one ragged man is slumped on the sidewalk, leaning on plastic pallets, and another approaches asking for gas money, all so I can purchase more cigarettes to ease the tension.

Right. Bettering ourselves.

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