Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tears. The tears come easily today. They hang about my face. I drive around Baltimore with them. I drive and they fall and fall. The sunglasses I wear to try and disguise my anguish do nothing.

How silly. How feeble.

And my head pounds. It won't stop pounding. An incessant thud. A twenty four hour pain.


She asks if I want Her to carry out all the tasks we've lined up for the day. Canceling a gym membership. Retrieving a scale and towel hook to return to Ikea. Running to the drug store.

And I say yes.

Yes, yes. Let me sob in the car alone. Let the sorrow take hold of me by myself. Let me crack and tear as one.

She tells me a text I sent the other day reappeared on Her phone this morning.

It read: this has been one crazy week.

Indeed. Indeed.

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